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Two Weeks in Northern California

Northern California is one of the most wonderful places in the world and if I had two weeks, here’s some of what I might do! Arrive & San Francisco Start in San Francisco. Don’t rent a car, just take BART from SFO or OAK to the city. If you can find an AirBnB in the…

Havana, Cuba, Part V

My last post from this beautiful place, full of vibrancy, good food, and good music. We danced salsa, drank mojitos, drove in old cars, smoked cigars (heh), and just explored and explored and explored.

Viñales, Cuba (Cuba, Part IV!)

We spent a day in the Cuban countryside and it was… magical. Views of the valley and mountains, the prettiest pool, bright salsa music, a wonderful farm lunch, a family that welcomed us in, an ox cart ride, and a rainbow. Win, win, win. s,

Havana, Cuba, Part III

Color, food, and heat. Cuba is magnetic.

Havana, Cuba, Part II

As I said before, I made so many images that I loved in Cuba. Havana is fascinating, mesmerizing, and beautiful. I hope this week of images makes you as happy as it makes me! 

Havana, Cuba, Part I

I made sooo many photos that I love in Cuba, full of bright colors, gorgeous cars, welcoming and friendly humans. I had a fabulous trip on this job for El Camino and it was such a pleasure to document such a wonderful adventure. Enjoy the images!

Vietnam & Cambodia Travel Guide: What to do in Two Weeks

Hanoi Loved the Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel in Hanoi. Spent I think 3-4 days in Hanoi and would highly recommend. Lots to do and see and eat! This street food tour was super fun. We went with June and she was a blast. It’s also just super fun to zoom around on the back…

Paris in the Rain

It was threatening to rain in the Marais as I wandered. Sometimes I fear that I’ll miss the actual best cafe or the most perfect spot to eat or drink in Paris. While they say you can’t go wrong, I have found that while truly bad is unlikely, you can, fairly easily, find somewhere that…

The Outpost, Camp Navarro, Mendocino

I spent last weekend covering The Outpost for She Explores and it was a fabulous good time! Camp Navarro on the Mendocino coast was a great spot to spend some time and the weather was perfectly summer. So glad I got to see this area and meet tons of like minded folks. We slept in…

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