One of my favorite things about summer is being outside for an entire weekend. Spending the night tucked in my sleeping bag in the middle of nowhere and getting unlimited amounts of fresh air are always sure to revive me & make the world seem like a much much better place. Wouldn’t you agree?

Camping in Bishop, California //

For the last two summers, Sam & Kegan & I have made the journey up to Bishop, where Kegan grew up (luuucky), to visit his family, spend some time outside, & make pie iron dinners around the campfire, sipping on a quality bottle of beer (yum).

There’s a lot I like about this little outdoor-sy town on the far side of Yosemite, but one of my absolute favorite things is the dry heat of the summer and the way it makes your whole body know that it’s actually really, truly SUMMER. Dry heat like that is something we don’t really get in Northern California on the coast, but in Bishop there’s really no denying that it’s summer. (Of course, it goes the other way, too: When it’s winter in that part of the state, there’s really no denying it’s winter…)

Camping in Bishop, California //

The mountains above are shot at sunrise. I’m a sucker for waking up with the light & sitting with a hot cup of coffee watching the sky light up and the mountains turn a lovely golden color. I love the way the world is silent at dawn and then slowly comes alive with sound… the birds, the bustle of the morning, camp mates making coffee & rolling up their sleeping bags. It’s a lovely feeling and a wonderful sound and it’s always in such stark contrast to the way I wake up at home: slowly, sure, but to a beeping alarm clock, fumbling around in the dark, groggy and sleepy eyed, immediately in contact with my cell phone and the business of the world.

Anyways, I raise my camp mug in a silent cheers to a better way to do mornings. (And evenings & dinners & beers with friends.)

Camping in Bishop, California //

Happy, hot summer, friends! 🙂

Photography: Simone Anne

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