Rice & Oysters: Eating Weird Things in Kariwa-mura, Japan // WeAreAdventure.us

When I was sixteen I won a scholarship to act as the Half Moon Bay Youth Ambassador to our sister city in Japan, a beach town on the west coast called Kariwa-Mura. It was my first big international trip all on my OWN & I feel like it really helped spark (or at least grow) my love of adventure & my desire to explore the world, especially through food.

I ate a lot of weird things: a snail as big as my nose (not my thing, it turns out), unusual Japanese hamburgers, and even surprise octopus (that’s when you don’t know what you’re eating until you’re eating it). But I ate lots of not so weird things, too: the best ramen of my life, life-changing sushi, and grilled homemade noodles. Japan was a culinary adventure, but I think my eating experiences are best summed up with one story and one story only.

Read that one memorable story & get some other great impressions of my Japan trip here.

In other news, it’s the Travelette’s fourth birthday today (yay!) & as these lovely ladies celebrate their adventures & the community of lady travelers that they’ve fostered, I thought sharing my guest post was only more than appropriate.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ve taken a volunteer position writing for the Travelettes team. Starting this August (today!) I’ll be sharing one of my favorite travel experiences or finds each month & if I can make the time (I’m trying very hard to!) I’ll be joining them as a full blown Travelette contributor (yay!).

While that’s still in the works, feel free to join in on the Instagram fun – the Travelettes are hosting a challenge this month on my favorite social network in which we’re asking traveling ladies around the world to share something fun each day with the hashtag #dailytravelette. There’s a prompt for each day, so read the guidelines & get started right here.

* All photography by or of Simone Anne. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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