My good friend Sean, has been alllll over the internet recently with his fantastic new timelapse video of the lasers & telescopes at Mauna Kea, Oahu, Hawaii. It’s seriously gorgeous & I am SO proud of him. One, it’s impressive how much work he put into it (I heard first hand a lot of the sleepless nights that he had) & two it’s technically outstanding & such a good example of timelapse, especially if you’ve never seen a real timelapse video before.

Sean Goebel's Timelapse of the Mauna Kea Lasers //

I’m also sort of in love with the perfect nights & fantastic weather patterns & really great laser beams he was able to capture. Right on, Sean. 🙂

Best viewed in full screen, with good internet, & your speakers on loud. Happy watching!

Video & Photography: Mauna Kea Heavens Timelapse by Sean Goebel

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