Stumbled on this gem the other week when I met up with Sammy in the city for a little romantic dinner.

It wasn’t a planned evening, more of a simple let’s wander the city & then munch on something yummy when we get hungry. I’d seen the Irish pub around here earlier & at one point we considered eating there, but in the end we opted for this little spot on a whim.

Pachino Italian Restaurant, San Francisco, California //

It was empty when we stepped in, but the waiter was definitely truly Italian (no, really) & the food & place looked authentic.

& boy were we rewarded for our risk! 🙂

Pachino Italian Restaurant, San Francisco, California //

Pachino was fantastic! We got some pasta, some pizza, some salad… all the usual but simple Italian meals & I was very impressed by all of it.

Tasty. Fresh. Served with style & class. & an Italian accent. Not much more I could ask for, really.

Pachino Italian Restaurant, San Francisco, California //

Another party arrived before we left, but generally speaking it was an intimate dinner with fab service in an authentic little window of a cute place in the city. A little expensive, sure, but nothing you wouldn’t be accustomed to if you’ve eaten out in the city before. & anyways, you get what you pay for here, which is more than you get in some places, you know?

Pachino Italian Restaurant, San Francisco, California //

Pray for a rainy day (just to add atmosphere, obviously) & then step inside for a cozy dinner. It will be dang good. I promise. <3

Oh, & have a glass of wine for me, too. 😉

VISIT / 318 Kearny Street, San Francisco, California 94104 & find them on Yelp here

* All images by Simone Anne. Please do not repost without permission. Thanks! 🙂

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