So ever since I WON THAT TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA (!!!) (did I tell you all about that? amazing, right?), I’ve been finding myself spending spare moments on the internet googling & dreaming & pinning places to visit in South Africa.

South African Animals Poster by Jolly Bureau //


Poster art by Jolly Bureau

One resource that has gotten me especially excited about the trip has been the Miss Moss guide to Cape Town. She has a TON of super cute places that I just cannot wait to wander around when we spend a day in the city. I love spending time outside & hiking & exploring is going to be a big priority while we’re there, but I’m also really excited about wandering around the city with my camera, visiting some cute shops (I love independent places!) so I can bring home some good, local fashion, eating fresh food made special with interesting spices & flavors, & even just spending a few hours people watching in a hip coffee shop. Some good ol’ fashioned hipster city fun, ya know?

Colorful Shanty Town Style Five Star Hotel in South Africa //

Image sourced here. This place seems pretty cool, too.

Anyways, the good people at Wines of South Africa will be helping us with the ten day itinerary that will get us started on this trip, but they have graciously offered to allow us to extend our flight for as long as we’d like on our own dime. A safari is a must, they suggest, & I’d like to spend time in Kruger National Park to see the “Big Five.” It’s supposed to be truly the best place ever to see the biggest safari animals: lions, African elephants, Cape buffalo, leopards, & rhinoceros. Just listing them all off makes me want to squeal with excitement. I plan on looking into camping options there as well as hostel options – we’ll be going more “luxurious” with nicer hotels & wine tasting during the won portion of the trip & cheaper college student style on the self funded part of our trip. More details to come on that as they get worked out, I promise.

Sunset in Kruger National Park, South Africa //

Image found here. Source unknown.

I also received a great National Geographic Traveler Guidebook to South Africa from my parents for Christmas, which I’ve started to flip through & plan to really dedicate myself to at some point. I’m hoping this helps to clear up how long I want to spend in South Africa so that we can really get those flights nailed down!

Cape Town, South Africa //

Image via Creative Review

Anyways, internet friends, do YOU have any recommendations? Who of you fun readers have explored Cape Town & outside of the city & all of South Africa, really, & has some MUST STOP places for us to go? We’re getting ready to nail down the details (especially flights & so on) & so we need to know how long we want to stay, beyond the prize. Please let me know your tips, tricks & do-not-miss spots in Cape Town in the comment or with a tweet to @WeAre_Adventure!

xo, friends! Happy New Year! Happy travel planning!

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