This is not a “traditional Ugandan breakfast” & I actually don’t know what that is (yet), but I will say this: Kampala is very rapidly developing & there are ALL KINDS of foods to be found, including breakfast.

Also, you have to buy water everywhere. It’s pretty cheap (about two dollars for five liters), but I still find it frustrating. I’m so California that I’m totally anti-buying water, but I’m also anti-parasites, so I’ve joined the club & purchased. It’s fine, obviously, but it’s weird!

Breakfast in Kampala, Uganda //

Anyways. Cafe Javas had a good, spongy, but delicious almond croissant that I indulged in for breakfast the other day. So delicious.

Breakfast in Kampala, Uganda //

It’s not how we do it at home, but they gave me a knife & fork, so I ate it with that. Felt very British & honestly, it probably was. There is a ton of influence from lots of different countries here – so many people have come to Uganda bringing their culture or beliefs. We visited a mosque today that’s on a hill in the city & you can see from a bunch of different places & our guide started telling us all of these Luganda words (that’s the local language, even though English is the official language) that came from English or Arabic or somewhere else & were just changed a little before being made Ugandan. I know that happens in a lot of countries, but now you know & I know that it definitely happens here, too.

Breakfast in Kampala, Uganda //

7,500 shillings is $2.97 USD. & the money is beautiful. All around, a good situation. 🙂

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* All photographs in this post taken by Simone. Please don’t reproduce without permission. Thanks! 🙂

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