Sometimes exploring a new city is just wandering. It’s not having a spot in mind, not having a destination, just going. Just getting out the door. Just seeing the world & wondering where you are & walking.

Sometimes exploring like this leads you to places like this: the National Library of Uganda.

Ugandan National Library, Kampala //

When I told a friend’s friend where I had been, he said, “There’s a library in this city?” It sounds awful when you say it like that, but there’s only one post office. I imagine the university here has a pretty good library, but other than that? This might be all there is.  But that’s okay.

Ugandan National Library, Kampala //

It’s one room, lined with books on the outside & tables in the middle. There are reference books, history books, development books. There was a full encyclopedia set, dating 1981.

Ugandan National Library, Kampala //

I’m glad I wandered in. 🙂

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*All photos in this post by Simone Anne. Please do not reproduce without permission. Thanks! :)

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