Now that I’m home from the grand old backpacking through Europe adventure, I’m getting excited for the summer we’re about to have here in the USA. I love exploring California, love the West Coast, love the desert… there’s just so much in the US that as long as my international wanderlust is fulfilled for the moment (it is), I’m very happy exploring here.

Anyways, one of my favorite kinds of summer travel in the US is the roadtrip. We’ve been planning our own for this summer, some of which will end in camping trips (the best kind of roadtrip), & I’ve been thinking about some of the tech that helps make roadtrips go all smoothly & so on. & then I thought I’d share.

You in? See below & thank me later. Any others to add?

Five Best Apps for Your Roadtrip Across the USA //

1. Roadtrip America

If you’re looking to take a roadtrip adventure that has all the twists & turns of a true, classic, American roadtrip, this app is your best bet. Look through where you are & where you’re going & you’ll never again miss the World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball  It’s paid, but it’s worth it. You don’t want to realize, 100 miles to late, that you missed the largest collection of old soda bottles in North America, do you?! Yeah, didn’t think so.

2. Waze

Don’t waste precious time on the road stuck in traffic. This fantastic app is the ultimate social network for drivers. When on, it transmits traffic data that allows for other users to let you know when there’s an incident, traffic jam, etc. It’s been known to save lots of time by rerouting you, sometimes on off roads, etc, but I don’t really understand the concept of inputting things, so I’m probably a Waze leecher. Sorry, guys.

Cons: Sucks down battery & data like no other. Don’t use it without a car charger.

3. Hotel Tonight

When we were backpacking through Europe, we had a few nights where, emergency situation, we had nowhere to stay. Sam & I powered up up this app & booked a hotel. I like that it’s easy to use, has photos, can be searched by map, etc. It’s available in a lot of places in the USA & Europe, so that’s another plus. Downside is that even discounted hotels are still hotel prices.

p.s. They offered me a code for $25 off your first stay: Adventure25. I say download the app & enter it now. It’ll save your $25 whenever you eventually book a room. i.e. When you’re stuck. 🙂

4. Gas Buddy

Pull into a new town. Immediately find the cheapest gas in town. I see no downside.

5. This American Life

Roadtrips often mean a TON of time in the car. This is hands down my favorite radio show & their podcast is only better (it comes with no breaks!). This app is awesome: it has every show in the archives & you can scroll through by date. Reruns are marked & you can check off shows as you’ve heard them. Plus, if you have no internet, you can rely on that one show you saved ahead of time. So yeah, you’re welcome.

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