In an effort to get more of my images off of my computer’s harddrive and into the hands of people who really enjoy looking at them, I’m now excited to offer prints of my favorite shots. I’ve started with five, but with time, I’ll be adding more of my favorites. I’m also always open to ordering the print of your choice; just e-mail me! (hello at simoneanne dot com)

Get your hands on the five prints I’m starting with right here: Canvas Art Prints

Now offering beautiful printed art canvases! //

They’re beautifully printed, of the highest quality ink, on canvas. They’re wrapped on a wooden frame and secured. The frame is filled so the images will never sag and the corners are perfect. All canvases come complete with hanging hardware already pre installed. They’re beautiful when they arrive, they stay wonderful no matter how long you appreciate them for, and they’re easy to order plus easy to hang. I really love mine.

Now offering beautiful printed art canvases! //

The sample canvas prints I’m sharing here are 12″ X 18″ and 18″ X 24″. I am also offering a smaller print at 8″ X 10″.

Now offering beautiful printed art canvases! //

Check out the five I’ve started with and order your own right here: Canvas Art Prints.

That’s all! Enjoy the art!


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