I am SO excited to share this little video. It’s not the video though, it’s the books. I shared a few photos on this blog when my first photo book, a 277 page collection of my favorite images from my trip to Uganda arrived. I loved it then and I still love it now.

Since that day, I’ve continued to work on this project. I printed a 355 (or so) page book of my travels to Europe – complete with images that start at the airport on the way to Italy, follow us through Switzerland, France, and Spain, and finally ends with the flowers that Sam’s mom brought when we landed back in San Francisco.

I made another smaller book that shares my favorite images from our trip to Thailand. The smaller trips means that the book is smaller, but I love it just the same.

I’m just working on finishing up the book from our South Africa trip, although I’ve been fitting it in between lots of client work recently, so it’s taking me a bit longer.

These books are already some of my most prized possessions and I honestly cannot recommend enough that you make your own travel books. I definitely loved the books right away when they arrived and it’s been a ton of fun to share them with friends and family. They sit on my bookshelf and many of my friends have now paged through them just after seeing them on the shelf. This never happens when your images are locked on your hard drive.

I’ve also loved them more and more since then. While I used to have some images from our trip on my phone, I ran out of room and no longer do. When I want to relive our trip though, I just pull the book off the shelf and page through. I certainly made these more for me than anybody else. And I’m really really glad I did.

Anyways, because I love these so, I made a super short little video on my phone and uploaded it to YouTube. I am not a video maker so there’s no real sound and it’s definitely got shake, but it gives you a good sense of the books and what they can look like. Plus I make a dumb little cameo at the end (because I originally made this to send to a friend).

Enjoy! haha.

This post was definitely NOT sponsored. I did not receive any free product for this post, no employee contacted me about this post, and I am not receiving any affiliate payback for this post. Opinions are completely my own; I just really want you to print your pictures! xo

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