It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve shared here. I’m usually against grand statements like that on blogs: You either blog or you don’t, please stop apologizing for it. But in this case it almost felt like an existential blog crisis: Do I even want to keep blogging? I have continued to share regular photography work over on my business blog, which I will always do, but I wasn’t sure I had anything great to say anymore about travel. I love travel. I love travel photography. It fuels me. But what do I have to actually SAY or SHARE that’s interesting? I’ve been mulling it over and I’m just not sure. But part of me certainly misses sharing here, so I’m popping in to say hello and here is what I’ve been up to. Meaningfulness be damned.

Here are some of the things that I’ve done in the past few months:

1. I hiked all 220 miles of the John Muir Trail, all by myself.

I cannot possibly sum this up in a single paragraph, so I’m just saying: It was AMAZING. I want to be back. I will be back.

And also I’ll tell you more about it later in its own dedicated post(s), okay? Okay, deal.

2. Ceramics!

I took up ceramics, just for fun. I needed something to do to enjoy myself that wasn’t on the internet or another device. So, this! It’s been rewarding and beautiful. I find that being on the wheel is a bit like meditation, which is wonderful. I’m also using this as a great exercise in enjoying doing things (especially making art) that I’m not good at. We really don’t need to be good at everything we do for fun!
Ceramics! //

3. Photographed a TON of weddings. <3 

It’s been non stop celebration and non-stop photo fun! I am so glad I picked this career and get to spend my work days enjoying lovely people in love and cheering the start of their lives together with their families. It’s so rewarding.

See all the weddings I’ve blogged recently right HERE. I actually blog them all (although there’s a slight backlog. of course.) If you or your friend or somebody you kind of know is getting married, anywhere in the world, send them to me! Seriously. I travel. A lot. Obviously.

4. Instagram put me on their suggested users list! omg.

I got off of the John Muir Trail to a bajillion new friends on the Internet and it has been SO fun. I love the little (read: BIG) community that Instagram has created; it’s really led to IRL friends and experiences! It was such an honor to be put on their rad list. (Thanks again, you guys!)

A blue vintage car that I saw on a walk and, update!, Instagram made me a suggested user! //

5. I booked a ticket to Tennessee. Yay!

I’m trying to see more of the USA and I haven’t ever been to the South, so enter my photo pal Jaime and her exciting invitation to come and visit, throw in plans for brunch and the pool and photos, and I was signed up, quick! haha. I am so excited to see a new part of the USA, check our her adorable studio (see below), get a tan, drink mimosas, explore, etc. etc.

Travel Blog Updates: Trip to Tennessee coming up! //

So cute, right? I can’t wait!
Travel Blog Updates: Trip to Tennessee coming up! //

All images above are from my lovely gal Jaime’s Instagram. Go give her some love!

6. I bought a new camera. So fun.

I got the Sony A6000 after a recommendation from a friend so that I could backpack with a lighter gear set up. Every pound matters when you’re backpacking and this little guy was about half of the weight of my other camera! Which was awesome. I love it, which is great, but it doesn’t quite live up to the big, awesome, heavy one. Oh well!

7. I accidentally went to Reno, Nevada.

Okay, not accidentally. I stopped in this city for about two hours on a lay over between buses on my way home from the John Muir Trail. In the less than two hours that I was here, I heard catcalls and racial slurs (neither directed at me), got leered at, appreciated the neon signs (I have a thing for neon signs), and experienced a guy walking out of the (nice) coffee shop I was in to find that his motorbike had been stolen off the street. I also got a high five from the barista, who said he was going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail when he turned 30 (and that he thought maybe he should hike the JMT first to see if he liked it… haha).

The Nugget, Reno, Nevada // WeAreAdventure.usThere’s more, I’m sure, but that’s the first few things. I’ll be back again with more! Thanks for saying hi. xo


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